We are currently handling many prestigious companies with almost 5000 tons of cargo clearance in a month.

Our Clients Are:

Our list of clients includes:

  • LSG Sky Chefs (India) Pvt Ltd. Bangalore.
  • Air India, Bangalore.
  • Cathay Pacific. Bangalore & Hyderabad.
  • Lufthansa Airlines, In-flight equipment (Sea Container & Air Shipments at BLR.)
  • Lufthansa Station Equipment Clearance.
  • Qatar Airways, Bangalore.
  • British Airways, Bangalore.
  • Hong Kong Dragon Airways. Bangalore.
  • Etihad Airways. Bangalore.
  • LSG Sky Chefs Bonded Warehouse Maintenance in Bangalore.(Air India, Lufthansa,Air France,Qatar Airways,Etihad Airways)
  • LSG Sky Chefs Chennai Project Material Clearance. (Under EPCG Scheme).
  • TAJ SATS Air Catering LTD.( DFC & Under EPCG Scheme)
  • Trivik Hotels LTD. Bangalore. Project Material Clearance. (Under EPCG Scheme).
  • Singapore Airlines Bangalore.